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Established in early 1974, Madinah Masjid in a span of three decades has become one of the leading Islamic Centers in North America.

A source of guidance and knowledge, it is a center catering to the needs of Muslims in the Greater Toronto Area, helping the Muslims fulfill their Islamic obligations and spiritual needs as well as to promote Islam within and outside of the community through an exemplary applied model in accordance with the original teaching of Quran and Sunnah.

What started out in a small rented prayer hall of a basement on Gerrard Street, the ‘Jamiatul Muslemin of Toronto’ was formed by a group of young determined Sunni Muslims from Gujarat India. Running with high passions, a number of Gujarati Muslims who had migrated to Canada in the early 70’s, gathered to see how they could make arrangements for a place which they could refer to as a Masjid. A small group of people went door to door to spread the message on ways of bringing the community together and in joining the concern for a Masjid.

Then in 1983, the property located at 1015 Danforth Avenue which housed the ‘Second Church of Christ, Scientist’ was purchased by the ‘Jamiatul Muslemin of Toronto’ at a cost of $700,000.00 which was funded entirely by the Muslim community. To accommodate the influx of the Muslim population in Toronto over the 80’s & 90’s, the organization made tremendous progress in many areas by establishing many services as well as the need of expanding and upgrading the facilities over the years.

In 1990, the organization successfully negotiated a unique contract with Memorial Gardens for an exclusive burial plot at the Pine Ridge Cemetery in Pickering. This agreement, based on Islamic ways and traditions, includes seven days access to the cemetery.

In 1991, the Masjid also undertook a renovation project for the basement of the building, which included construction of facilities necessary for a complete burial preparation, including ghusl (bathing of the deceased).

In 1995 Madinah Masjid undertook an expansion of a three story building south of the main prayer hall which was completed. The rapid growth of the Muslim population created a higher demand for prayer space, classrooms for Madrasah (Islamic School) and other services.

Then in October 2007 a major project expansion was undertaken. The newly expanded and renovated building consists of more than 30,000 sq ft building space for over 3500 congregators. The newly completed building now consists of added balcony in the main prayer hall, the creation of new washrooms and ablution facility, new prayer facilities for the sisters and a new elevator for the physically challenged and the elders. More importantly, it will now give it the ‘Islamic Touch’ to the building with a Minaret and an added Dome. The added space has allowed the masjid to accommodate the increasing number of worshippers. This expansion is especially vital in times of festive days such as Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, Friday prayers and other occasions.

This is all thanks to the Grace of the Almighty and the kind efforts of our elders who made so many sacrifices for our welfare. May Allah accept their efforts, for those that are no longer with us, may Allah grant them Jannat and for those that are still amongst us, may Allah bless them with his mercy.

Last updated: December 2012

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