Mufti Abdullah Mangera was raised in the community of Madina Masjid, Toronto, Canada. He began Hifz Quran in New Orleans, USA, continued his studies in Dewsbury, Uk and then proceeded to complete his Hifz Quran, and Alim course in world renowned institution, Jamia Islamiah Dabehl . Mufti Abdullah completed his Masters in Islamic Jurisprudence and has Ijaazah from the same institution. After graduating Mufti saab returned to Canada and served as an Imam and a teacher of Hadith. He returned to Bihar India in 2008 to study and was granted the status of a Qadhi (Judge). Mufti Abduallah is fluent in Arabic, English, Urdu and Gujarati.

Mufti Abdullah is a great believer in nurturing deep Islamic knowledge in our children, especially during these challenging times. His vision is that our children can become true Muslims who are champions of truth, are great leaders, are good neighbors and are excellent role models in our society and the society at large for the generations to come.

Mufti Abduallh will be conducting Dars-ul-Hadith program on Mondays and Dars-ul-Quran program on Wednesday, as well our girls exclusive Alima course will be under his supervision.

For any counseling or questions & inquires please contact Mufti Abduallah, by emailing or telephone

(416) 465-7833

[email protected]

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